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I want to plot the Bayes decision boundary for a data that I generated, having 2 predictors and 3 classes and having the same covariance matrix for each class. Can anyone help me with that? Here is the data I have: set.seed(123) x1 = mvrnorm(50, mu = c(0, 0), Sigma = matrix(c(1, 0, 0, 3), 2) The Bayes decision boundary { (x 1, x 2): P (Y = 1 | X = (x 1, x 2)) = 0.5 } in the regions [ 0, 1] × [ 0, 1] whose points would be classified as 0 and 1. The goal of this problem is to plot Bayes decision boundary and identify it in the above region. I would appreciate it if someone will get me started on this problem Bayes Decision Boundary and classifier. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 5 months ago. Active 6 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 12k times 5. 3 $\begingroup$ Is it correct to say that the purpose of classifier (e.g. K-NN, Logistic Regression, LDA) is to approximate the Bayes Decision boundary? classification . share | cite | improve this question | follow | asked Apr 12 '14 at 8:13. hans-t hans-t. 479 2. Here the decision boundary is the intersection between the two gaussians. In a more general case where the gaussians don't have the same probability and same variance, you're going to have a decision boundary that will obviously depend on the variances, the means and the probabilities. I suggest that you plot other examples to get more intuition

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(9.28)bj = yj + 1 + yj 2. The decision boundary is simply the midpoint of the two neighboring reconstruction levels. Solving these two equations will give us the values for the reconstruction levels and decision boundaries that minimize the mean squared quantization error whose Bayes decision boundary is that hyperquadric. These Variances are indicated by the contours of constant probability density. 21. 22 FIGURE 2.15. Arbitrary three-dimensional Gaussian distributions yield Bayes decision boundaries that are two-dimensional hyperquadrics. There are even degenerate cases in which the decision boundary is a line. 23 FIGURE 2.16. The decision regions for four.

I've seen the other thread here but I don't think the answer satisfied the actual question. What I have continually read is that Naive Bayes is a linear classifier (ex: here) (such that it draws a linear decision boundary) using the log odds demonstration. However, I simulated two Gaussian clouds and fitted a decision boundary and got the results as such (library e1071 in r, using naiveBayes() It's a (piecewise) quadratic decision boundary for the Gaussian model. The multinomial model has a linear boundary. Below I plotted some examples if it helps: 1) UCI Wine Dataset 2) An XOR toy datase Then, if we apply LDA we get this decision boundary (above, black line), which is actually very close to the ideal boundary between the two classes. By ideal boundary, we mean the boundary given by the Bayes rule using the true distribution (since we know it in this simulated example)

CSE 455/555 Spring 2013 Homework 2: Bayesian Decision Theory Jason J. Corso Computer Science and Engineering SUNY at Buffalo jcorso@buffalo.edu Solution provided by TA Yingbo Zhu This assignment does not need to be submitted and will not be graded, but students are advised to work through the problems to ensure they understand the material Decision Rules. Now that we have a good understanding of Bayes' theorem, it's time to see how we can use it to make a decision boundary between our two classes. There are two methods for determining whether a patient has a tumor present or not. The first is a basic approach that only uses the prior probability values to make a decision. The. If the Bayes decision boundary is linear, we would expect the LDA to perform better for the test set since the QDA would suffer from higher variance without a corresponding decrease in bias. (b) If the Bayes decision boundary is non-linear, do we expect LDA or QDA to perform better on the training set? On the test set? For most cases of a non-linear Bayes decision boundary, the QDA decision.

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NB Decision Boundary in Python Udacity. Loading... Unsubscribe from Udacity? IAML5.10: Naive Bayes decision boundary - Duration: 4:05. Victor Lavrenko 19,604 views. 4:05. Linear Perceptron. Bayes Decision Boundary; Links. astroML Mailing List. GitHub Issue Tracker. Videos. Scipy 2012 (15 minute talk) Scipy 2013 (20 minute talk) Citing. If you use the software, please consider citing astroML. Bayes Decision Boundary¶ Figure 9.1. An illustration of a decision boundary between two Gaussian distributions. Code output: Python source code: # Author: Jake VanderPlas # License: BSD. 1.在具有两个类的统计分类问题中,决策边界或决策表面是超曲面,其将基础向量空间划分为两个集合,一个集合。 分类器将决策边界一侧的所有点分类为属于一个类,而将另一侧的所有点分类为属于另一个类。总体来说的的话,决策边界主要有线性决策边界(linear decision boundaries)和非线性决策边界.

Decision Boundary assumes P Bayes Decision Theory - Discrete Features •Components of x are binary or integer valued, x can take only one of m discrete values v1, v2, , vm •Probability Density Functions replaced by Probabilities P(x) P(x | ) ( ) where ( ) ( | ) ( ) ( | ) j c j 1 ωj ω ω ω ω P P x P x P P x j j j ∑ = = = CSE 555: Srihari 14 Independent Binary Features 2. In two dimensions, a linear classifier is a line. Five examples are shown in Figure 14.8.These lines have the functional form .The classification rule of a linear classifier is to assign a document to if and to if .Here, is the two-dimensional vector representation of the document and is the parameter vector that defines (together with ) the decision boundary Let's visualize the actual decision boundary and understand that Naive Bayes is an excellent non-linear classifier. Decision Boundary for the Training and Testset. # Visualising the Training set. Decision Boundary • Gaussian class conditional densities(2-dimensions/features) 7 Modeling Class Conditional Distribution of Features Decision Boundary µ 1 µ 1 µ 2 µ 2. Handwritten digit recognition 8 Note: 8 digits shown out of 10 (0, 1, , 9); Axes are obtained by nonlinear dimensionality reduction (later in course) φ2(X) φ 1) Multi-class classification. Handwritten digit. The optimum decision rule for versus is one that minimizes over all decision rules the Bayes risk. Such as rule is called the Bayes rule. Below is a simple illustrative example of the decision boundary where and are Gaussian, and we have uniform costs, and equal priors. Views: 9591. Tags: bayesian, decision, detection, pattern, recognition, theory. Like . 2 members like this . Share Tweet.

That is, one Bayes decision boundary separates class 1 from class 2, one separates class 1 from class 3, and one separates class 2 from class 3. These three Bayes decision boundaries divide the predictor space into three regions. The Bayes classifier will classify an observation according to the region in which it is located If the Bayes decision boundary is linear, we expect QDA to perform better on the training set because it's higher flexiblity will yield a closer fit. On the test set, we expect LDA to perform better than QDA because QDA could overfit the linearity of the Bayes decision boundary. b. If the Bayes decision bounary is non-linear, we expect QDA to perform better both on the training and test sets. b If the Bayes decision boundary is non linear do we expect LDA or QDA to from STA 525LEC at SUNY Buffalo State Colleg bayes decision boundary free download. UnBBayes UnBBayes is a probabilistic network framework written in Java. It has both a GUI and an API with in

It is blue, but on the orange side of the Bayes decision boundary. In this case max j Pr(Y = j | X = Xo ) < 1 since we don't have so much certainty. Because of these observations, the expected. As we can see by sorting the data by distance to the origin, for K=1, our prediction is Green, since that's the value of the nearest neighbor (point 5 at distance 1.41). (c) K=3. On the other hand, for K=3 our prediction is Red, because that's the mode of the 3 nearest neigbours: Green, Red and Red (points 5, 6 and 2, respectively). (d) Highly non-linear Bayes decision boundary

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Bayesian Decision Theory The Basic Idea To minimize errors, choose the least risky class, i.e. the class for which the expected loss is smallest Assumptions Problem posed in probabilistic terms, and all relevant probabilities are known 2. Probability Mass vs. Probability Density Functions Probability Mass Function, P(x) Probability for values of discrete random variable x. Each value has its. The Bayes optimal classifier is a probabilistic model that makes the most likley prediction for a new example, given the training dataset. This model is also referred to as the Bayes optimal learner, the Bayes classifier, Bayes optimal decision boundary, or the Bayes optimal discriminant function Exemplar Implementation of Single-Line Decision Boundary: Here, I am going to demonstrate Single-Line Decision Boundary for a Machine Learning Model based on Logistic Regression. Going into the hypothesis of Logistic Regression - where z is defined as - theta_1, theta_2, theta_3, ., theta_n are the parameters of Logistic Regression and x_1, x_2, , x_n are the features. So, h(z) is a. Linear boundary for 2-class Gaussian Naive Bayes with shared variances. For Gaussian Naive Bayes, we typically estimate a separate variance for each feature j and each class k, {$\sigma_{jk}$}. However consider a simpler model where we assume the variances are shared, so there is one parameter per feature, {$\sigma_{j}$}. What this means is that the shape (the density contour ellipse) of the. Figure 5: Decision boundary is a curve (a quadratic) if the distributions P(~xjy) are both Gaussians with di erent covariances. 1.9 Bayes Decision Theory: multi-class and regression Bayes Decision Theory also applies when yis not a binary variable, e.g. ycan take M discrete values or ycan be continuous valued. In this course, usuall

CSE 455/555 Spring 2011 Homework 1: Bayesian Decision Theory Jason J. Corso Computer Science and Engineering SUNY at Buffalo jcorso@buffalo.edu Date Assigned 24 Jan 2011 Date Due 14 Feb 2011 Homework must be submitted in class. No late work will be accepted. Remember, you are permitted to discuss this assignment with other students in the class (and not in the class), but you must write up. Bayesian decision theory: Continuous features Bayes decision rule y = argmin y2YR(yjx) The overall risk of a decision rule f is given by R[f] = Z R(f(x)jx)p(x)dx = Z Xc i=1 '(f(x);yi)p(yi;x)dx The Bayes decision rule minimizes the overall risk. The Bayes risk R is the overall risk of a Bayes decision rule, and it's the best performance.

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  1. Bayes decision rule: If decision boundary hx=−ln Logistic regression Support vector machine Neural networks 31 . Naïve Bayes Classifier Use Bayes decision rule for classification = But assume =1 is fully factorized =1= ( | =1) =1 Or the variables corresponding to each dimension of the data are independent given the label 32 . Title: Modeling Rich Structured Data via.
  2. Bayesian Decision Theory is a statistical approach to the problem of pattern classification. Under this theory, it is assumed that the underlying probability distribution for the categories is known. Thus, we obtain an ideal Bayes Classifier against which all other classifiers are judged for performance. We will discuss the three main applications of Bayes' Theorem: Naive Bayes.
  3. Gaussian Bayes Binary Classi er Decision Boundary If the covariance is not shared between classes, p(xjt = 1) = p(xjt = 0) log ˇ 1 1 2 (x 1)T 1 1 (x 1) = log ˇ 0 1 2 (x 0)T 1 0 (x 0) xT 1 1 1 0 x 2 T 1 1 T 0 1 0 x + T 0 0 T 1 1 = C)xTQx 2bTx + c = 0 The decision boundary is a quadratic function. In 2-d case, it looks like an ellipse, or a parabola, or a hyperbola. Mengye Ren Naive Bayes and.
  4. We can then use the Bayes Optimal Classifier for a specific $\hat{P}(y|\mathbf{x})$ to make predictions. So how can we estimate $\hat{P}(y | \mathbf{x})$? Previously we have derived that $\hat P(y)=\frac{\sum_{i=1}^n I(y_i=y)}{n}$
  5. You should plot the decision boundary after training is finished, not inside the training loop, parameters are constantly changing there; unless you are tracking the change of decision boundary. x1 (x2) is the first feature and dat1 (dat2) is the second feature for the first (second) class, so the extended feature space x for both classes should be the union of (1, x1, dat1) and (1, x2, dat2.

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Of particular interest to us in this paper is the so-called Bayes decision boundary M= fx 2Xjp YjX(1jx) = p YjX(0jx)g. Indeed, identifying Mis equivalent to being able to construct the provably optimal binary classifier called the Bayes optimal predictor: f(x) = ˆ 1 if p YjX(1 jx) 0:5 0 otherwise: (1) Following along the lines of [5], the premise of this paper relies on supposing that the. Decision Region • Feature space divided into c decision regions if g i(x) > g j(x) ∀j ≠i then x is in R i 2-D, two-category classifier with Gaussian pdfs Decision Boundary = two hyperbolas Hence decision region R2 is not simply connected Ellipses mark where density is 1/e times that of peak distributio In probability theory and statistics, Bayes' theorem (alternatively Bayes' law or Bayes' rule), named after Reverend Thomas Bayes, describes the probability of an event, based on prior knowledge of conditions that might be related to the event. For example, if the risk of developing health problems is known to increase with age, Bayes' theorem allows the risk to an individual of a known age to.

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Naive Bayes will only work if the decision boundary is linear, elliptic, or parabolic. Otherwise, choose K-NN. 3. Naive Bayes requires that you known the underlying probability distributions for categories. The algorithm compares all other classifiers against this ideal. Therefore, unless you know the probabilities and pdfs, use of the ideal Bayes is unrealistic. In comparison, K-NN doesn't. LDA to perform better than QDA because QDA would overfit linearity on the Bayes decision theory on the test set. Chapter 4 Solutions for Classification Text book: An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R b) If the Bayes decision boundary is non-linear, do we expect LDA or QDA to perform better on the training set? On the test set? Solution: QDA to perform better both on. A decision boundary is the region of a problem space in which the output label of a classifier is ambiguous. If the decision surface is a hyperplane, then the classification problem is linear, and the classes are linearly separable. Decision boundaries are not always clear cut. That is, the transition from one class in the feature space to another is not discontinuous, but gradual. This effect.

Naïve Bayes Classifier We will start off with a visual intuition, before looking at the math Thomas Bayes 1702 - 1761 Eamonn Keogh UCR This is a high level overview only. For details, see: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Christopher Bishop, Springer-Verlag, 2006. Or Pattern Classification by R. O. Duda, P. E. Hart, D. Stork, Wiley. Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks | Using data from Iris Specie Now we can plot this new data to get an idea of where the decision boundary is: In [5]: We see a slightly curved boundary in the classifications—in general, the boundary in Gaussian naive Bayes is quadratic. A nice piece of this Bayesian formalism is that it naturally allows for probabilistic classification, which we can compute using the predict_proba method: In [6]: yprob = model. To draw the decision boundary, we need to find the class posteriors that where we known the likelihood is a mixture Gaussian distribution. Here we only consider two class and with probabilities and are equal (it means the number of samples of class 0 are the same as class 1). So, simply the Bayes theorem gives us: = =

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decision boundary in naive Bayes classi ers with binary predictors is a hyperplane. Since then several other researchers have addressed the problem. Peot (1996) reviewed Minsky's results about binary predictors and presented some extensions. He mainly discussed the case of naive Bayes with k-valued observations and observation-observation dependencies. He also reported an upper bound on the. Making the decision • Bayes classification rule • Easier version • Equiprobable class version If • The decision boundary will always be a line separating the two class regions x 0 R 1 R 2. 2D example . 2D example fitted Gaussians . Gaussian decision boundaries • The decision boundary is defined as: • We can substitute Gaussians and solve to find what the boundary looks lik

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  1. You can find the decision boundary analytically. For Bayesian hypothesis testing, the decision boundary corresponds to the values of X that have equal posteriors, i.e., you need to solve: for X = (x1, x2). With equal priors, this decision rule is the same as the likelihood decision rule, i.e.,: Plugging in the vlaues for the means and covariance matrices and simplifying, you get: Solving for X.
  2. decision boundary 《機械学習》決定境界 - アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス
  3. Although the decision boundaries between classes can be derived analytically, plotting them for more than two classes gets a bit complicated. You have to find the intersection of regions that are all assigned to a particular class and then find the expression for the boundary of that class. If analytical boundaries are not necessary, then a brute force, computational approach can be used. This.
  4. The Naïve Bayes classifier is a probabilistic classifier that is based on the Bayes theorem. The classifier is generally preferred for high-dimensional data sets due to its simplicity and speed. In this lesson, we will focus on an intuitive explanation of how Naive Bayes classifiers work, followed by its implementation in Python using a real-world dataset. Bayes Theorem The Bayes theorem.
  5. ed by X i ix i= c intersects Rg: Proof. The Bayes risk is R( ;d) = P l i=1 iR( i;d) is the Bayes risk and we want to

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  1. Decision Boundaries Decision boundaries partition the feature space into regions with a class label associated with each region. Initially only two class problems will be considered. We would like the decision boundary to reflect the Bayes' de-cision rule from the previous slide. For the two class problem it is clear(?) that the decision boundary will occur when the posterior probability of.
  2. ed by overlapping orthogonal half-planes (representing the result of each subsequent decision) and can end up as displayed on the pictures. See more here.
  3. In particular, it sets decision boundaries on borders of segments with equal class frequency distribution. An optimal univariate discretization with respect to the Naïve Bayes rule can be found in linear time but, unfortunately, optimal multivariate optimization is intractable. Keywords Continuous Attribute Decision Boundary Numerical Attribute Optimal Partition Continuous Domain These.
  4. The Bayes factor serves as a measure of evidence strength (you can find a short non-mathematical explanation of the interpretation of Bayes factors here). As evidence is measured on a continuous scale, evidence thresholds (boundaries) have to be introduced if a binary decision analogous to null hypothesis significance testing should be made. If.

In this short notebook, we will re-use the Iris dataset example and implement instead a Gaussian Naive Bayes classifier using pandas, numpy and scipy.stats libraries. Results are then compared to the Sklearn implementation as a sanity check Hyperquadric Decision Boundaries Arbitrary Gaussian distributions lead to Bayes decision boundaries that are general hyperquadrics. Conversely given any hyperquadric, one can find two Gaussian distributions whose Bayes decision boundary is that hyperquadric. Variances are indicated by contours of constant density If the class priors are equal, the decision boundary of a naive Bayes classifier is placed at the center between both distributions (gray bar). An increase of the prior probability of the blue class leads to an extension of the decision region R1 by moving the decision boundary (blue-dotted bar) towards the other class and vice versa. Evidence . After defining the class-conditional probability.

逻辑回归之决策边界 logistic regression -- decision boundarylogistic回归虽然带着回归两字却和线性回归有很大的区别,在前几篇博客中完整的介绍了线性回归。线性回归主要用于预测问题,其输出值为连续变量,而logistic回归主要用于分类问题,其输出值为离散值 The black circle is the Bayes Optimal decision boundary and the blue square-ish boundary is learned by the classification tree. set_ylabel ('Predicted Probability') plt. We can design a decision tree as follows : (Source: Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Raschka). Tree that has survived bombing and search for firewood is voted country's tree of the year. 1 Python; A. The answer lies. I was.

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If we employ a zero-one or classification loss, our decision boundaries are determined by the threshold θ a. If our loss function penalizes miscategorizing ω 2 as ω 1 patterns more than the converse, (i.e., λ 12 > λ 21), we get the larger threshold θ b, and hence R 1 becomes smaller. 7 Minimax Criterion We may want to design our classifier to perform well over a range of prior. If the Bayes decision boundary is non-linear we expect that QDA will also perform better on the test set, since the additional flexibility allows it to capture at least some of the non-linearity. In other words, LDA is biased leading to a worse performance on the test set (QDA could be biased as well depending on the nature of the non-linearity of the Bayes decision boundary, but it will be. I Bayes decision rule minimizes the overall risk by selecting the action i for which R( ijx) is minimum. I The resulting minimum overall risk is called the Bayes risk and is the best performance that can be achieved. CS 551, Fall 2019 c 2019, Selim Aksoy (Bilkent University) 15 / 46. Two-Category Classification I Define I 1: deciding w 1, I 2: deciding w 2, I ij = ( ijw j). I Conditional. Hit Return to see all results. Subscribe. Sign i Bayesian decision theory (Chapter 2 - Pattern Classification) > machine perception - pattern recognition systems - the design cycle - learning and adaptation - conclusion - an example Machine Learning for Context Aware Computing index of contents. Christian Schüller 15.04.03 page 3 Bayesian decision theory build a machine that can recognize patterns: - speech recognition - fingerprint.

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(d) If the Bayes decision boundary in this problem is highly non- linear, then would we expect the best value for K to be large or small? Why? Sol: For highly non-linear Bayes decision boundary, the value of K will be small Decision boundaries are most easily visualized whenever we have continuous features, most especially when we have two continuous features, because then the decision boundary will exist in a plane. With two continuous features, the feature space will form a plane, and a decision boundary in this feature space is a set of one or more curves that divide the plane into distinct regions (d) If the Bayes decision boundary in this problem is highly nonlinear, then would we expect the best value for K to be large or small? Why? When K becomes larger, we get a smoother boundary, therefore if the boundary is very non linear, we would expect K to be small Given x, Bayes decision rule r In 2-class case: decision boundary is w· x +↵ = 0 posterior is P(Y = C|X = x) = s(w· x +↵) [The e↵ect of w· x +↵ is to scale and translate the logistic fn in x-space. It's a linear transformation.]-3 -2 -1 1 2 3 x 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 P(x) lda1d.pdf [Two Gaussians (red) and the logistic function (black). The logistic function is the right. In estimation theory and decision theory, a Bayes estimator or a Bayes action is an estimator or decision rule that minimizes the posterior expected value of a loss function (i.e., the posterior expected loss).Equivalently, it maximizes the posterior expectation of a utility function. An alternative way of formulating an estimator within Bayesian statistics is maximum a posteriori estimatio

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Decision boundary for two example, (a) and (b), of naive Bayes classifiers with two categorical variables X, Y . Boundaries are computed as location of zeroes of polynomials built as in Theorem Relative to F ⁎, no distinction is made between points near or far from the decision boundary. If one spreads the probability mass of the empirical distribution at each point, then variation is reduced because points near the decision boundary will have more mass on the other side of the boundary than will points far from the decision boundary Bayesian Decision Theory Know probability distribution of the categories Almost never the case in real life! Nevertheless useful since other cases can be reduced to this one after some work Do not even need training data Can design optimal classifier. Bayesian Decision theory Fish Example: Each fish is in one of 2 states: sea bass or salmon Let wdenote the state of nature w= w 1 for sea bass w. Thus as per Equation 7 the decision boundary predicted by naive bayes will match the diagonal - the true decision boundary. In Figure 3.2 however, the class sizes are not the same and the areas of these two rectangles do not have to be equal for every point on the separation boundary. So we cannot expect naive bayes to yield the true decision boundary even in the linear case when the class.

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  1. imax,andadmis-sibility This section continues our exa
  2. Now we can plot this new data to get an idea of where the decision boundary is: We see a slightly curved boundary in the classifications—in general, the boundary in Gaussian naive Bayes is quadratic. A nice piece of this Bayesian formalism is that it naturally allows for probabilistic classification, which we can compute using the predict_proba method: yprob = model.predict_proba(Xnew.
  3. ant Analysis (LDA) is a linear Combination a feature that characterizes or Separates two or LDA is more classes or.
  4. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from mlxtend.plotting import plot_decision_regions from sklearn.linear_model import LogisticRegression from sklearn.naive_bayes import GaussianNB from sklearn import datasets import numpy as np # Loading some example data iris = datasets.load_iris() X = iris.data[:, 2] X = X[:, None] y = iris.target # Initializing and fitting classifiers clf1.
  5. ant Functions • Formulate classification in terms of comparisons Discri
  6. a R(a|x) r= dx y L(y,π(x))p(x,y) 5 Sequential decision problems • In general we need to reason about the consequences of our actions. • This is beyond the scope of this class (see e.g. CS422). We focus on one-shot decision problems.

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Once again, the decision boundary is a property, not of the trading set, but of the hypothesis under the parameters. So, so long as we're given my parameter vector theta, that defines the decision boundary, which is the circle. But the training set is not what we use to define the decision boundary. The training set may be used to fit the parameters theta. We'll talk about how to do that later. Whereas decisions about the rejection of hypotheses are based on p-values in frequentist hypothesis testing, decision rules in Bayesian hypothesis testing are based on Bayes factors (Good, 2009, p. 133ff). Usually, defining decision rules implies defining a lower and upper decision boundary on Bayes factors. If a resulting Bayes factor is.

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The above plot shows us the tradeoffs between the true Bayes decision boundary and the fitted decision boundary generated by the radial kernel by learning from data. Both look quite similar and seems that SVM has done a good functional approximation of the actual true underlying function. Conclusion . Radial kernel support vector machine is a good approach when the data is not linearly. Intuitively, a decision boundary drawn in the middle of the void between data items of the two classes seems better than one which approaches very close to examples of one or both classes. While some learning methods such as the perceptron algorithm (see references in vclassfurther) find just any linear separator, others, like Naive Bayes, search for the best linear separator according to some.

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Plot the decision boundaries of a VotingClassifier for two features of the Iris dataset. Plot the class probabilities of the first sample in a toy dataset predicted by three different classifiers and averaged by the VotingClassifier. First, three exemplary classifiers are initialized (DecisionTreeClassifier, KNeighborsClassifier, and SVC) and used to initialize a soft-voting VotingClassifier. the learned decision boundary weights. We also better match the distribution of text with the distribution assumed by Naive Bayes. In doing so, we x many of the classi er's problems without making it slower or signi cantly more di cult to implement. In this paper, we rst review the multinomial Naive Bayes model for classi cation and discuss several sys-temic problems with it. One systemic. Bayes Decision Theory Probability Density Estimation • Classification Approaches Linear Discriminants Support Vector Machines Ensemble Methods & Boosting Randomized Trees, Forests & Ferns • Deep Learning Foundations Convolutional Neural Networks Recurrent Neural Networks 2 B. Leibe ng 8 Recap: Linear Discriminant Functions • Basic idea Directly encode decision boundary Minimize.

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