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Ursa was the wife of Ozai and later Noren, mother of Zuko, Azula, and Kiyi, daughter of Jinzuk and Rina, and maternal granddaughter of Avatar Roku and Ta Min Burning them, she offers to tell Zuko what they said if he let her accompany him on his journey to find their mother. Zuko agrees, enlisting the Aang Gang's help to keep her in line. Azula: From Out of the Past. Azula reveals the letters came from the Fire Nation village of Hira'a, Ursa's home, and the group sets off. However, on the way, Azula hallucinates an image of Ursa and, claiming she. Königliche Familie der Feuernation Bilder (10) Ursa war die Frau von Ozai und später Noren, Mutter von Zuko, Azula und Kiyi, Tochter von Jinzuk und Rina und Enkelin von Avatar Roku und Ta Min. Sie war eine freundliche, fürsorgliche und liebevolle Mutter für ihre Kinder, obwohl Azula glaubte, dass sie Zuko über sie bevorzugte

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SUBSCRIBE: http://tinyurl.com/hfq9jmv Isaac plunges into the world of the Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time to unearth the truth behind Zuko's mo.. While her primary history is covered in the About Ursa section, to look into what really happened to Zuko's mother, we probably need to refer to her by her new name, Noriko and look through her..

Ursa (also temporarily known as Noriko) was the supporting minor character in Avatar: The Last Airbender, making her debut in Zuko Alone, where she is in a flashback telling Zuko to remember his identity.. She was the wife of Ozai and later Ikem, mother of Zuko, Azula, and Kiyi, daughter of Jinzuk and Rina, and granddaughter of Avatar Roku and Ta Min. She was a kind, caring, and loving mother. Who did Zuko Marry and Who is the Mother of Firelord Izumi. I have some evidence to prove who it is. I am approaching 1,000 subs and I would love to do a Q&A.. Zuko's Mother Ursa left because she was banished for trying to save Zuko from death. She then went to the mother of faces for her to get a new face and for her memories of Firelord Ozai and the children to be erased. It is later revealed that the kids met their mother in the village. She changed her name Zuko und seine Mutter Ursa In seiner Kindheit hatte Zuko ein sehr gutes Verhältnis zu seiner Mutter Ursa, mit der er die meiste Zeit seiner Jugend verbrachte. Zu seiner Schwester Azula und zu seinem Vater hatte er nie ein besonders gutes Verhältnis, da Ozai Azula aufgrund ihrer Leistungen stets bewunderte und Zuko dafür verachtete Fans get to see just how far back his belief of her stretches during a flashback to his mother's disappearance. When Azula tells her brother that the Fire Lord is planning on killing him, Zuko's fear attracts his mother's attention, and he tries to reassure himself by reminding himself that Azula always lies, over and over again. It doesn't do him much good, and it's heartbreaking to see. 10.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MovieFlameProd/overview Twitter: https://twitter.com/MovieFlameProd Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morgan_ros.. Zuko was not the only child Ursa had in the lore of Avatar and its expanded universe of other mediums. In addition to Zuko's sister, Azula, Ursa also had another child named Kiyi. While Kiyi has only appeared in the extracurricular graphic novels, she also readily accepted her familial ties to Zuko I got some cold hard facts and admittedly some soft pants on who exactly did suka marry and who is the mother of fire lord izumi stay tuned to find out if youre new here we do plenty of outside videos including episode reviews theory analysis of bi-weekly podcasts and more so be sure to subscribe so you dont miss out todays video will try to figure out just who Zuko married and who is a mother. Subscribe to CBR: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best characters of all time. We saw him go from a torture.. Zuko tried to tell his mother that she did not have to, reminding her of the life she had made. Despite this, Ursa accepted the spirit's offer. The next day, Zuko and Ursa talked about their past, the latter apologizing for not loving them enough and for forgetting about him. Zuko insisted she did not have to, saying he had a life to be proud of, regardless. He handed Ursa the letter showing.

My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hellofutureme Check out my books: https://www.wattpad.com/user/TimHickson Twitter: https://twitter.com/TimHickson1 Facebo.. Zuko 祖寇, Zǔ Kòu) is In various flashbacks, it is revealed that Zuko's mother, Ursa, was previously engaged to a man named Ikem in her hometown of Hira'a, but had to leave him after being pressured into marrying Fire Lord Ozai. Even after Zuko's birth, Ursa continued to write letters to Ikem, but Ozai intercepted the letters. Ursa, suspecting the interception, writes a letter claiming.

There are a lot of people who ship Zuko and Katara due to the romantic tension between them in Avatar: The Last Airbender. However, Katara ended up with Aang, meaning it's pretty unlikely she was the mother of Zuko's children. Instead, it's most likely Mai is Izumi's mother. RELATED: Avatar: Why All Of The Best Episodes Come From Different Genre I Just finished watching avatar sozins comet and it shows zuko asking his father what happened to his mother and then the next scene is all of them at His uncle's tea shop. Then Aang and Katara Kiss and the anime is over. So... what happened to zuko's mother? Zuko could still hear his mother's voice, see her image, and feel the same longing he felt for her when she first died. Azula was involved in all of this, Kao had even told him. She didn't feel grief for her own mother. She wanted her dead, so that one day, she would become Fire Lord and not her or Zuko. It was finally good that everyone in on Ozai's plan was suffering. They deserved it. He. With Zuko's family being also the ruling nation of the Fire Nation, his family has the most intricate and interesting history among the members of Team Avatar. While the show itself gives Zuko's family and its history, there are a ton of interesting facts about them found in the spin-offs and supplemental materials. RELATED: Avatar: The Last Airbender - 10 Things You Missed In Zuko Alone. This.

It's best you read the comics for this one to fill in the gaps - they're well worth it. If comics aren't for you, then read on..... Ursa lived in a small fire nation village and was a skilled herbalist (her mother was a master herbalist). She was.. There's another theory regarding the possibility Suki is Izumi's mother. Although it's a higher possibility that Mai is Izumi's mom, people are speculating that the reason why sokka had no children, because they broke up. I don't really think this theory is true and I believe more on the theory of mai being her mother but anything in atla is possible at this point. 0. Daniel alturas · 10/2. The story of Zuko's quest to find his mother could be revealed in the live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, coming from Netflix

Fire Lord Ozai confirmed that he banished Zuko's mother and that she may still be alive, but it is unsure. In the series finale, Fire Lord Zuko questions his father on the whereabouts of his mother, but the series ends before it is confirmed that she was found. Zuko finding Ursa was actually storyboarded for the finale by Avatar Director Joaquim Dos Santos, but was nixed by Mike DiMartino. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Zuko Mother animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>> What happened to Zuko's mother? D= I watched the LAST episode of the Avatar series last night, And Zuko asked his dad what he did with his mum. Does anyone know? I think Ursa goes to Ba Sing Se to 'look for a new life'. I don't know the 'official' answer, but I think the 'Ba Sing Se Theory' could work. I mean, everyone else goes to the Earth Kingdom for a new start. IRiseWithTheSun posted Vor. 17.07.2018 - Blitziworld hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest Aug 18, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Josh Wilson. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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  1. I'm sure you've always wondered about Zuko's mother; What happened to her? Who she is? Did she ever love Firelord Ozai? Why did she leave? What was is her name? Well all your questions are about to be answered. 1) Her Name Is Ursa. She's the granddaughter of Avatar Roku ( you know the th
  2. Meanwhile, Zuko just smiles and says he feels hopeful. This story is not just about the external plot of Zuko searching for his mother, but also his internal search for who he is (or who he thinks he is). And that's what makes this particular chapter in the Avatar saga much more than just a mystery to be solved
  3. The title refers to Zuko's search for his mother. In the comic, everything about Fire Lord Azulon's death is revealed, as well as what happened to Zuko's mother, Ursa. I'll summarize here based on the wikipedia article and my own hazy memory. Ursa provided Ozai with a poison to kill Azulon, and after that succeeded, she was effectively banished.

The Mystery Of Zuko's Mother Continues In Avatar: The Last Airbender Part 2. It's not called The Search for nothing. Mike DiMartino co-creator of both the show and graphic novel promised answers. Did Zuko ever find his mother? YES. In fact, that is the entire plot of the post-series comic book trilogy The Search. Ursa also later has a very small role in the subsequent trilogy Smoke and Shado The most we know about Zuko's mother is that she was banished. The back story is that Azulon, Fire Lord before Ozai, commanded Ozai to do the unthinkable to Zuko, most likely kill him, and Ozai. I didnt really focus at Zuko's love life really, I just cared About Kataang. But recently I was rewatching LOK and ATLA. And I thought who was Izumi's Mother and that's why I wanna hear ur theories. I personally would have a few guesses but personally if u ask me I would like it to be Jin for some reason. I just like her personality, also the worst theory for me is Suki for some reason Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people

Why did zuko's mother leave? Asked by Wiki User. 13 14 15. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2010-09-20 20:55:59 2010-09-20 20:55:59. It is never made clear why Ursa left, but it can be. Zuko, Aang's enemy for much of the show, was consistently denied approval by his father, had his mother leave him at a young age, which she did because she had just killed his grandfather to save his life, and, at the age of thirteen, was exiled and burned by his father for protesting against a plan that would use an huge number of troops for a We Have Reserves tactic that would likely. However, Zuko's mother Ursa convinced him not to, exchanging Zuko's life with a poison Ozai used to kill his own father and claim the thrown. Afterward, Ursa went into hiding and changed her. Zuko later returns to the Fire Nation after finding his mother. He and Mai are reunited but the latter is now dating Kei Lo instead. Zuko is clearly bothered by this but still tries to be happy for her. Later, Mai's brother Tom-Tom is captured by the Kemurikage who are out to punish bad children. Zuko summons Aang and does everything he can to try and help her

Dear reddit, WTF happened to Zukos mother in Avatar :The Last Airbender? I love this show and I have seen every single episode. What I hate so much is that they talked about what happened to his mother at the end but they never actually made it clear as to WTF happened to her. I want to know soo badly and this has been killing me for soo long. 10 comments. share. save hide. When Zuko sees his mother next, he bows correctly for their standings, and he asks the servant to let him serve the tea instead so that he can show his mother what he's learned. His mother nods to show that she has noticed what he has learned and that she is pleased, and the servant hides a smile behind his sleeves at the way Zuko flushes with delight. As they sip their tea and feed the. Mother-daughter duo complete Appalachian Trail. Woman arrested after driving car into Calif. protes Avatar Zuko. Zuko, Mother of Dragons. Saved by Josh Wilso So I'm curious as to what happened to Zuko's mother. Does anyone know if Avatar the legend of korra will tell anything about it? Thanks in advance for the help! Antwort Speichern. 4 Antworten. Relevanz. Anonym. vor 10 Jahren. Beste Antwort. The Legend of Korra is going to take place sometime after Aangs death. (SO SAD! ;'() Korra is a water bender and is the new avatar, its going to be about.

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zuko mother of god 13733 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest. avatar, atla, zuko, prince zuko, firelord zuko # avatar # atla # zuko # prince zuko # firelord zuko. drink, drinking, alcohol, alone, mama # drink # drinking # alcohol # alone # mama. john travolta, grease, danny zuko # john travolta # grease # danny zuko. jesus, god # jesus # god. wow, super troopers, remarkable, mother of god # wow. When first time Zuko face his father during the eclipse, his father to him, that Zuko's mother has been banished. So no one really know where she at. But she still alive. If i guess, the news of Zuko become the next fire lord, his mother probably gonna come to him. But no one know :D. 0 0. handly. Lv 4. 4 years ago. this is a robust question. My Avatar obsessed buddy pronounced they have been. Zuko tells her how the Fire Nation has taken his mother from him as well, and she says she is sorry and that for a long time he has been the face of the enemy. He touches his scar and she offers.

Zuko begins to visit his uncle in prison, who eventually tells him that he is a descendent of Avatar Roku through his mother's side, explaining that it is Zuko's destiny to restore the honor of the Fire Nation and help the Avatar bring balance to the world. Soon after, in a war meeting held in preparation for the Day of Black Sun, he unintentionally helps Ozai invent a plan to completely burn. After Azula came to Zuko saying Dad's going to kill you. Ursa questioned Azula and learned what happened after she left. Ursa rushes to Azulon, and pleads that Azulon doesn't banish Zuko(that's how Zuko would be sacrificed), but his decision was final. So, she saves her baby the only way a mother can, she bites him back. She challenges Azulon to Agni Kai, if she wins, Zuko doesn't get. Zuko sat nearby, grasping at what his mother was saying. Knowing what his father and forefathers did was wrong, and despite the way Azula treated him, he could not help but feel sorry for his sister and have a strange desire to protect her. He soon joined his sister and mother in a hug, trying to be reassuring as best he could. It was done. Azulon has passed and more importantly, named his.

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  1. Zuko then grabbed his mother's smooth long striking legs and pulled her panties down. He also noticed that her nipples were rock hard just before placing his mouth right in front of Ursa's eager royal cunt Zuko blew gently on Ursa's exposed pussy, and then swiftly darted his long tongue out, flicking Ursa's love button. Immediately, Ursa had her long firm legs locked around her son's head.
  2. Zuko knows that without his mother there, his father has no one other than him and Azula to turn on. He can't ask for help, because there's no one else to help them. So he knows that killing his father is the only thing he can do. He feels no remorse for killing Ozai, asking the guards a few days later - after the funeral, after Azula herself starts to act like normal - to start looking.
  3. However, Zuko's mother Ursa convinced him not to, exchanging Zuko's life with a poison Ozai used to kill his own father and claim the thrown. Itâ s possible the contentious father-son relationship was never going to get better because Ozai always had it out for Zuko. That's why Ozai faced his son during Agni Kai instead of the general Zuko disrespected. I am sorry for laughing at your grave.
  4. Find and follow posts tagged zuko's mother on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. fireandwaterwillbend. #Zuko #Zuko's mother #Katara #avatar: the last airbender #lok #legend of korra. 315 notes. zukothefirelord-blog. #zuko #zuko's mother #ursa #azula #turtle ducks #zuko and his mother #avatar #zuko alone #avatar season 2 #avatar: the last airbender #avatar the last airbender #atla #a:tla. 149 notes.
  5. ent feature is a dark red scar over his left eye.
  6. d, Uncle. I don't need your help keeping order on my ship. (S1E12) Zuko treats Iroh as his father would treat Zuko, or as Zuko feels he should himself be treated - as a useless peon. Analysts refer to this as narcissistic transference - that.

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What happened to Zuko's mother? D= - I watched the LAST episode of the Avatar series last night, And Zuko asked his dad what he did with h question and answer in the Zuko clu Wife of Zuko. Mother of Izumi. Grandmother of Iroh Jr. Prom date: @Zuko1964 Still not sure about the bf @--UncleIroh--@--Ursa--@-Kiyi-@--Izumi-What I'm working on. IRL Bff: @Katara_Waterbender (go follow her) IRL Uncle: @--UncleIroh--Friends: @AvatarSuki @Yue_Moon @--sokka--working at the jasmine dragon trying to smile more. Featured Project. Mai and Zuko: Prom. What I've been doing. Shared. Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Search Part 1 - Ebook written by Gene Luen Yang. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Search Part 1 I loved getting to learn where Zuko's mother came from, where she ended up, and how she came to be who she was. The family dynamic and this was very entertaining. Between Sokka and Katara, between Zuko and his sister, Azula. Also, it's always great to see Aang and his growth as an Avatar. His relationship with Katara

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What happened to Zuko's mother? D= I watched the LAST episode of the 아바타 series last night, And Zuko asked his dad what he did with his mum. Does anyone know? I think Ursa goes to Ba Sing Se to 'look for a new life'. I don't know the 'official' answer, but I think the 'Ba Sing Se Theory' could work. I mean, everyone else goes to the Earth Kingdom for a new start. IRiseWithTheSun posted. Ursa (Zuko's mother) heard this conversation and plotted with Ozai to kill Azulon. Firelord Ozai said that Ursa vicious, treasonous things that night because she killed Azulon so that Zuko's life was spared, this plot meant that Ozai would become the next Firelord. the plan worked and Ursa was banished for what she had done so we are unsure if she is still alive or not but i think that Ozai. I believe his mother isn't dead, and the Legend of Korra should be answering what happened. The first episode hinted at at Zuko's mother, but never answered what happened. My guess is that she was banished, and then Zuko went to find her what happend to zukos mother did he find her. SORRY I WAS WRONG. IT WAS OPINION! allaboutmanga posted een jaar geleden. no - he finds out what happens to her but thats it - end of season 3 kay3 posted een jaar geleden. THEY NEED TO MAKE AVATAR 3 WITH AN EARTH BENDER.

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Zuko is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender.Created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, the character is voiced by Dante Basco and is portrayed by Dev Patel in M. Night Shyamalan's 2010 film The Last Airbender.. Zuko is the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, and an incredibly strong and powerful Firebender, meaning he has the. Ursa (Zuko's mother) was not happy with this. So, she made a deal with Ozai. She would make an odorless poison to kill Ozai's father, and Ozai would let Zuko live. If Ozai's father died, it'd be basically like handing him the throne. Ozai agreed but, he also wanted Ursa to leave the palace afterwards as well. She agreed. She couldn't take her children along with her because, Ozai swore that if. The series ends with him asking is father where she is, and then no mention of her. Fast forward to the gang in ba sing se with zuko serving tea, his uncle, and the rest of the crew, but no mention of his mother. The ending was good, but that was the most important plot point for that character [zuko] i think. Does anyone know if information. Announcer:The Zuko Family are at War by their spoiled Rebel 15 Year Old,These Girls Are at the Breaking Point Maya:I HATE MY NEW BOTTLE Announcer:Can This Stella Help or It will fall Apart forever Submission Reel . Stella:Im Ready to help another Family with a Teenager breaking them apart Annabelle:Hi We are the Zukos,Im Annabelle,Im 45 David:Hi I'm David and we have 5 Girls,Leah is 15,Maddie. She was banished, like Zuko It was never very clearWhen Zuko got done yelling his problems at his father, he explained that Zukos mother had done some awful things and he was forced to banish her. - ProProfs Discus

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Nephewism: Zuko was essentially raised by his uncle Iroh, as his father is the abusive Big Bad and his mother is mysteriously gone. Iroh took Zuko under his wing when a) his own son died in the war and b) Zuko's mom disappeared, having been banished long before the series started. Eventually, Zuko considers Iroh to be more like a father to him. New Old Flame: Zuko and Mai are a textbook skip. What happened to Zuko's mother? D= I watched the LAST episode of the avatar series last night, And Zuko asked his dad what he did with his mum. Does anyone know? I think Ursa goes to Ba Sing Se to 'look for a new life'. I don't know the 'official' answer, but I think the 'Ba Sing Se Theory' could work. I mean, everyone else goes to the Earth Kingdom for a new start. IRiseWithTheSun posted hace.

What happened to Zuko's mother? D= I watched the LAST episode of the 阿凡达 series last night, And Zuko asked his dad what he did with his mum. Does anyone know? I think Ursa goes to Ba Sing Se to 'look for a new life'. I don't know the 'official' answer, but I think the 'Ba Sing Se Theory' could work. I mean, everyone else goes to the Earth Kingdom for a new start. IRiseWithTheSun posted. o.k so today I finished watching Avatar sozins comet it was ok but during the end when the fire lord is in prison zuko asked him where his mother was.....either I didn't here right or he ain't get an answer after that she is not mentioned at all what happened?? ~p.s as far as I know she is not dead! the fire lord told zuko on the day of the invasion that she was just banished so don't tell me.

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Find his mother (all succeeded). Crimes. Stalking. Kidnapping Destruction Arson Assault Attempted murder. Type of Villain. Tragic Outcast I used to think this scar marked me, the mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately, I've realized I'm free to determine my own destiny, even if I'll never be free of my mark. ~ Zuko to Katara. Zuko: For so long. Zuko was an innocent child who was very close to his mother. His mother must of have been his role model, as he had a good, caring nature like hers. For this, his father seen him as weak and unworthy. As a teenager, he was banished by his father, and lost his honour as a prince. To redeem his honour he had to capture Avatar Aang. After his. Hailey growing up with Zuko Hailey walked over to sierra who was being held by their mother, she kissed her little sister's forehead and said. Its ok sissy is here. she handed the Stuffed Puppy bear she was holding to sierra and JJ, they clung to it and stopped their crying. Hailey looked at their parents tears threatening to fall down her face. bye mommy, bye daddy I'll miss you.

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Zuko Alone is an amazing episode - we get the story of Zuko's mother's disappearance, there's a scene with turtle-ducks (sorry; I love turtle-ducks), and Zuko defeats three men without unsheathing his sword. And, of course, Zuko finally remembers who he is. 2. The Western Air Temple . Man, I don't know about you, but I was waiting for this episode from about halfway through. Zuko feels a need to please people because he was never valued by his father. He has an unending need to capture the Avatar because it will please his father. When he feels this is impossible he falls in on himself (Zuko alone). When he changes sides he feels the need to make all gaang to like him not just let him be there. This results in the life changing feild trips where his own.

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What happened to Zuko's mother? D= - I watched the LAST episode of the Avatar series last night, And Zuko asked his dad what he did with h câu hỏi and answer in the Zuko clu When Zuko goes on a quest to find his mother, he discovers her, and her new life, and finds little Kiyi as well. He reacts so admirably in finding out that she is his half-sister. Even prior to finding out Kiyi was related to him, he treated her well. Still, it can't be easy finding out that while you have been agonizing over the fate of your missing mother, she has created a whole new family. She may have: In the episode the Earth King while Zuko is suffering from a fever, he is restless and has strange dreams, In one of them he sees his mother, she cries Zuko, help me! as she fades into darkness, he sees a reflection of himself in her eye. What may have been just a bad dream to Zuko at the time may actually now be seen as a cry from the other side by Ursa..

Mother of the Bride Dresses Lingerie & Garters Suits All Wedding Clothing Earrings Zuko and Iroh Dragon of the West Blue Willow inspired mug, 11oz Ceramic Coffee Cup/Mug, Avatar fan art, Wonderful nerd gift, Avatar lover PreciousProfanities. From shop PreciousProfanities. 5 out of 5 stars (580) 580 reviews. Sale Price $14.39 $ 14.39 $ 15.99 Original Price $15.99 (10% off) Favorite Add to. She looked like the perfect Fire Nation general, she looked like her mother. Zuko's heart stopped when he realized there was a figure at the top of the cliff. One with a topknot perched atop its head. Xia! He yelled, running from the docks towards the clip. Zuko! Wait! He heard his uncle Iroh call as he raced away. He ignored the screams of panic from the people. They parted. Honestly, this scene made me feel choked up, because Azula obviously craved her Mother's love, like Zuko had, but because she was so much more taken under her Father's 'wing' as it were, she became a twisted version of who she would have been. And this scene. This fucking scene. Just take a step back and think: Her Mother is a hallucination here. Azula is bitterly saying 'Even you. Zuko's mother, likewise, seemed to favor Zuko over Azula, claiming that something is wrong with her. This caused Azula the same stress (If not more), than that Zuko had been suffering in terms of being loved by their parents. When Zuko's father, Ozai, had made a critical remark about his older brother, Iroh, over his dead son, Azulon, Zuko's grandfather, punished Ozai by making him suffer. Zuko also lost his mother, and like Asami after him, was forced to live under his father's manipulative influence. Both characters eventually spoke out against their fathers after realizing that their only remaining parents had little regard for righteousness and could no longer feel actual affection toward anyone. Their reactions to this acknowledgment were also similar, as both Zuko and.

Official Covers Of Avatar: The Last Airbender Comic BookAvatar: The Last Airbender--The Search Library Edition HCToph being TophA Closer Look into Avatar: The Last Airbender, FavoriteKatara's relationships - Avatar Wiki, the Avatar: The LastThe Family At Bath Time by *ThePhoebster on deviantARTThe Avatar State - Avatar: The Last Airbender Photo

Zuko was just a child when he was discarded by his family. He's grown up being raised by his uncl... alternateuniverse; zutara; sokka +21 more #14. The Fire Prince's Bride by L.Q Hebb. 7.7K 300 14. The avatar is gone, no one has seen or heard of a new avatar for a century. The fire nation is at war with the world with plans for total domination, and an alliance wit... zuko; azula; zutara +7. Zuko and Azula's mother. Cool Teacher: Was one to Toph as she had to give Toph a lady's education Magical Nanny: She discovers Toph is an earthbender due to Toph smoothing the rock samples and organizing the rocks by age; Master Poisoner: It's implied this is how she killed Azulon, she also notes that she could have used her talents to become something else. Mundane Solution: Hides the fact. In a duel between Zuko and Della on Ithaquack, Selene and Storkules find there is conflict in Zuko's soul. After announcing to Ozai his intentions to join the Duck family in defeating his father, Zuko decides to accept Della Duck as an honorary mother of his. Seeing Zuko's defection, Huey and Dewey welcome him making him an honorary Junior. 『zuko mother』の関連ニュース 『アバター 伝説の少年アン』のクリエイターがNetflixの実写版ドラマシリーズから降板 Except, when Mother comes, she comes only to whisper apologies to Zuko before leaving again. Azulon is dead the next morning, and Mother is nowhere to be found. Which is just as well. She never knew Mother had it in her, but maybe it's just because loving Zuko is like that. Azula is satisfied. (Until Ozai burns her precious brother.) Toph, Zuko and Azula are all familiar with each other. It's possible they could try an exploit her vulnerabilities (Zuko burning Toph's feet) but then Toph would also be aware of this

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