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These rankings covers journals, book series, book chapter series, working paper series, and software component series that are indexed in RePEc. The citation ranks are updated daily and cover all items according to several ways of counting citations. Downloads and abstract counts are computed once a month and are separated by series type This ranking aggregates the individual ranking methods by taking the harmonic mean of the invidual rankings (plus one), leaving aside the best and the worst ranking. Citation counts are adjusted to exclude citations from the same series

Rank: Journal: Factor: Adjusted citations: Items: All citations: 1: The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Oxford University Press: 122.808: 294528: 2411: 296089: 2. Downloadable! There are now many methods available to assess the relative citation performance of peer-reviewed journals. Regardless of their individual faults and advantages, citation-based metrics are used by researchers to maximize the citation potential of their articles, and by employers to rank academic track records. The absolute value of any particular index is arguably meaningless. Ranking Journals Narrower topics in the RePEc Biblio tree. No sub-topic listed. You can volunteer to create one by contacting the editor of this entry. This RePEc Biblio topic is edited by Christian Zimmermann . It was first published on 2012-11-25 16:46:33 and last updated on 2013-01-24 22:17:46. Introduction by the editor Journals are ranked to establish which have the most influence on. IDEAS/RePEc H-Index for Journals. Explanations; Ranking; More; What this page is about This list provides the h-index for series and/or journals: h is the number of articles or papers with at least h citations. For ranking purposes, ties are first broken with the numbers of items (articles or papers) then with the number of adjusted citations. Citation counts are adjusted to exclude citations.

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Aggregate Rankings (Last 10 Years) for Economics Journals

  1. By John Hudson; Ranking Journals : EconPapers Home About EconPapers. Working Papers Journal Articles Books and Chapters Software Components. Authors. JEL codes New Economics Papers. Advanced Search. EconPapers FAQ Archive maintainers FAQ Cookies at EconPapers. Format for printing. The RePEc blog The RePEc plagiarism page Ranking Journals. John Hudson. Economic Journal, 2013, F202-F222 Date.
  2. IDEAS/RePEc Simple Impact Factors for Journals: nur VWL, sehr aktuell, basierend auf den Daten des RePEc-Projekts Journal Quality List (Anne-Wil Harzing, 62. ed. 2018): Liste mit Zeitschriftentiteln aus den Bereichen Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management und Marketing und deren Rankings aus ausgewählten Quelle
  3. RePEc aggregate ranking of economics journals 2017, from which we included AERE journals [vii] Herrmann et al's (2011) survey-based ranking of economics journals relevant for agricultural economists of the GEWISOLA (German-speaking association of agricultural economists), from which we selected non-general economics journals rated A or B [viii
  4. Journal of the European Economic Association, 2003, vol. 1, issue 6, 1346-1366 Abstract: We conducted a worldwide ranking of academic institutions that produce research in a list of thirty top research journals in economics. We also computed journal rankings for the same period and hence we do not rely on weights that were computed for research.
  5. More rankings. RankJournal Factor Adjusted citations ItemsAll citations 1 The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Oxford University Press (also covers The Quarterly Journal of Economics, MIT Press ) 69.977157728 2254 161852 2 Journal of Economic Literature, American Economic Association 65.79 54803 833 55677 3 Econometrica, Econometric Society (also covers 60.297207842 3447 210290. 9/26/2015 IDEAS.

Shape of Science. The Shape of Science is an information visualization project whose aim is to reveal the structure of science. Its interface has been designed to access the bibliometric indicators database of the SCImago Journal & Country Rank portal International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. Only Open Access Journals Only SciELO Journals Only WoS Journals

Simple Impact Factors for Economics Journals IDEAS/RePEc

To be included in this ranking, series should have impact factor greater than 0, more than 5 citations, more than 19 documents published in the year of reference and a percentage of self citation of 50 or less. Source data used to compute the impact factor of RePEc series. Go to ranking of journals and working paper Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in many countries to enhance the dissemination of research in economics.The heart of the project is a decentralized database of working papers, preprints, journal articles, and software components. The project started in 1997. Its precursor NetEc dates back to 1993 Academic Evaluation and Ranking of Economic Journals. Ianina Rossi and Alvaro Forteza () . General Economics and Teaching from University Library of Munich, Germany. Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to serve as an input in the revision of the evaluation guidelines of the Department of Economics FCS - UDELAR (dECON). With this aim, we report on what is taken into account in academic.

We construct a meta-ranking of 277 economics journals based on 22 different rankings. The ranking incorporates bibliometric measures from four different databases (Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar and RePEc). We account for the different scaling of all bibliometric measures by standardizing each ranking score. We run a principal component analysis to assign weights to each ranking Abstract: Rankings for sports such as chess or table tennis are based on the so called Elo rating system. In this paper we apply this rating system to rank economic journals. One main advantage of the Elo ranking compared to existing ones is its explicit consideration of a journal's performance path. Another advantage is the easy application of.

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  5. GitHub - spoupakis/repec-ideas-rankings: IDEAS/RePEc
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